Obama’s Stance on Marijuana Legalization


Obama has been described by many as having unclear views on various issues but perhaps one of the most well known topics that comes to mind is his stance on marijuana legalization. While in most cases Obama has not spoken specifically in support or against legalization as a whole, he has commented on the recent surge of state legalization, shedding some light on his, and his administration’s, stance on the topic.

Historically the Obama administration has enforced federal marijuana legislation regardless of any state laws concerning it says Flavio Maluf owner of Eucatex, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. This has of course upset some individuals who feel they should be protected under state laws. Recently Obama commented on this saying he will continue to enforce federal laws regarding marijuana but won’t spend resources trying to over turn the decision of states that do legalize it.

That being said Obama also mentioned that he views treating marijuana as a criminal problem rather than a medical problem, like say tobacco or alcohol addiction, has been not only counter productive, but also devastating to many minority communities. This leaves the marijuana issue in somewhat of a gray area. It is obvious that opinions regrading its use are changing but it seems also that the legislation, at least on the federal level, is being slow to match those opinions, even the opinions of the president no less. While the tide does seem to have turned in the favor of those who favor legalization/decriminalization, only time will tell how things turn out.

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