Obama’s Amnesty Plan May Create 160,000 New Jobs and Generate Billions in Tax Revenue


Critics of the Obama amnesty plan charge that businesses favor it because they are looking to take advantage of cheap labor at the expense of paying Americans better wages. Critics also charge that the rush of illegals with newly minted green cards will exacerbate the high unemployment among low-skilled Americans. This seems to be the case with African-Americans whose inner-city unemployment rates are more than twice the national average. Still, proponents are saying that the opposite will occur. In fact, economists are saying the Obama amnesty plan will create 160,000 new jobs and generate $2.5 billion in new tax revenue.

Economists acknowledge that the benefits of the president’s plan will be modest. It will really take working with the GOP congress to improve the nation’s immigration system. That may prove much harder to do with Obama circumventing the GOP and talking smack with them instead of making concessions, from what Terry Richardson has been saying.

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