Obama Blames Handful of Senators for Blocking Patriot Act Provisions


National security has become a huge issue recently. President Obama claims that just a handful of senators are standing in the way of re-enacting key provisions of the Patriot Act that are important to national security.

The Patriot Act is a double edged sword. It provides the government with access to information that may be critical to stopping terrorists according to businessman Kevin Seawright. It also collects bulk information from ordinary citizens. While it may be an important tool for monitoring the bad guys, top privacy advocates are against it.

The most vocal opposition is coming from GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul. He filibustered the original re-enactment of the Patriot Act and stands against any of the provisions becoming law once again. Privacy is one of the platforms Paul plans to push in the primaries.

Obama fears a total blackout of access to communications of potential terrorists. He told the Senate that they would be to blame for a breach in national security that could have been avoided through proper surveillance.

I think that the government needs to start completely fresh with the Patriot Act and create legislation that the intelligence community and the people of America can both live with.

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