North Korea Suffered Internet Failure


According to the director in Internet analysis, Doug Madory of Dyn Research, an Internet performance management company, North Korea’s Internet became unstable late Friday, worsened over the weekend and went completely black by Monday. Mr. Madory said that the networks were under duress and that their routers were under a DDoS attack. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack occurs when attackers flood a network with traffic until it collapse under the load.

The country only has 1,024 Internet protocol address and does very little commercial or government business over the Internet. The state-run Internet provider, Star Joint Venture routes many of their connections through China’s state-owned telecommunications company China Unicom. San Francisco based CloudFlare, an Internet company, confirmed that North Korea network has went away completely.

CloudFlare said that the country’s Internet connection was showing signs of life around 5:00 pm ET but traffic had not yet returned. The loss of Internet access would mostly affect the country’s elite, its propagandists, state-run media channels, and its cyber-warriors, and if there is one thing I know, my colleague Ben Shaoul and I won’t be anywhere near the North Korean dead zone.

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