Newark CEDC, Bringing In Better People for a Better Future


Everyone wants a comfortable, clean place to live in. Good medical coverage and a healthy lifestyle are also key to a long, happy life. It is the duty of policy makers and the communities they speak for to push for such an ideal lifestyle. So, economic development has become a common issue in the political and economic world of today. The community of Newark, New Jersey has an excellent example of functional economic development, thanks in great part to the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Founded in 2007, the company was formerly known as the Brick City Development Corporation. Their goal was to retain, attract and grow businesses in Newark, enhance capacity for smaller businesses or businesses run by minorities, and work to hasten real estate development in the city. In 2014, the business was reorganized and relocated, and its name was changed to its current incarnation. Shortly after the changes, some new management was hired in the form of Kevin Seawright, just check out his VisualCV.
Seawright, a graduate of Almeda University, was brought in as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the company. He professes in Business Administration and Accounting, and has spent fourteen years using his expertise to improve various communities along the East Coast. Serving at four different companies beforehand, Seawright brings his experience and knowledge to his newest post, with the intent of benefitting the community of Newark.

With such impressive talent behind the scenes and a passion towards the betterment of Newark, it is easy to see how highly regarded Newark CEDC is when it comes to economic development. The future shines bright for the people of Newark, according to the corporation itself. It shall be seen whether or not the city shall be improved, but things are looking up economically thanks to them.