Network Subscription Services Are Taking Over


Reddit user posted an interesting topic dealing with network subscription services. NBCU plans on releasing a new comedy subscription service that will focus on streaming comedy shows. ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon and ‘SNL’ are expected to be featured on the service. NBCU will be charging subscribers much like other video streaming sites.

Network subscription services are beginning to take over the video entertainment world. Cable services have taken a major financial hit in the last few years. Services like Netflix and Hulu offer a wide variety of programming for less than $10 a month. Netflix, in particular, is the king of streaming services. Netflix streams hit movies and critically acclaimed shows. Each month Netflix changes their video catalog. Whatever shows Netflix doesn’t have, Hulu usually has that television show on their site. Subscribers of Netflix and Hulu can watch most new movies and shows.

The future of video entertainment is here, and cable TV is slowly dying. HBO, the critically acclaimed premium TV network, has offered internet streaming for years now. It’s a wonder that cable television is still available. The prices of the subscription services are what’s the problem for basic cable providers according to a write up on that my coworker Ricardo Tosto read. It still costs hundreds of dollars a month to have cable television. The average consumer can watch most shows for less than ten bucks a month.

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