National Steel Car: The leading railcar manufacturing company


With more than ten decades of excellence in production, engineering and a determination to quality, National Steel car has created a good reputation as the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturer in North America. The wide range of clients have been the cornerstone of this great firm, and they are proud of the success they have made. With the help of its people, the company is more dynamic, diverse and innovative than ever before.

Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company is constantly trying to raise its bar, by concentrating on the company’s strength with unmatched efficiency in the rail industry. The company portrays a deep sense of purpose that is faithful to its principal values. This has the company has built trust and confidence among its client by building the top-notch quality railcars with consistently high-time delivery performance. National Steel Car is the only company that is certified in North America, and they have been awarded annual TTX SECO award many times, for more than ten years.

However, the National Steel car company does not rest on previous achievements, rather its persistent quest for excellence and continuous attention to the satisfaction of their client guarantees that it to the country’s leader in railcar manufacturing. The success of this car company can be attributed to the loyalty and support of its customers, the valued relationship with their suppliers and the extraordinary determination and integrity of the business’s 2000 team members who strive to provide the best.


  • The company presents the sense of purpose by:
  • Honoring the company’s tradition
  • Moving forward with determination
  • Performing their duties with a relentless commitment to excellence and quality

Under Gregory J Aziz’ leadership, the company has managed to build a community, where it has offered financial support to an organization such as Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton opera, the united way, salvation army and many local charity organizations. On top of that, the company has partnered with thousands of its employees in their major food drive to promote local food banks in North America.

However, according to Greg James Aziz, the company’s biggest contribution to the society is numerous well-rewarding jobs that help the southern Ontario households directly. With the help of strong leadership and team-working, the company increased its manufacturing capacity from 3500 railcars in 1994 to 12000 cars by 1999. Currently, the public steel car produces thousands of new rail cars every year.