Memories Pizza Owner Just Hit The Bigotry Jackpot


Crystal And Kevin O’Connor Said They Would Not Cater Gay Weddings And Got Over $828,000 For Their Decision

A GoFundMe web page that was set up for the owners of the Indiana pizzeria that stood behind the Religious Freedom Restoration Act before it was amended has turned into a cash cow for the Christian couple. More than 28,000 donors have sent the couple over $828,000 for standing up for discrimination. That’s a pretty sad, but true reality, folks. The country still has a racist streak, and it continues to hide behind the sanctity of religion said Marcio Alaor BMG.

The webpage was started by a reporter that works for The Blaze. The Blaze is a conservative news network owned by Glenn Beck. The reporter decided to help Crystal and Kevin O’Connor when they closed their pizza shop due to threating phone calls and emails. The shop was their only source of income, so the fund was established to pay bills while the shop was closed. The money that the fund received far exceeds anyone’s expectations including the pizza shop owners.

Once again, the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act is showing the people around the country, and the world, that America is divided when it comes to accepting diversity. The country that prides itself on being a free nation where all citizens have equal rights is really a nation that applies stipulations to those rights. That behavior must change.

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