Media Discusses How Their Reporting May Shape Political Fortunes of Scott Walker


Governor Scott Walker has a lot of accomplishments that can propel his national campaign. For starters, he has been vetted in a manner unlike any other prospective GOP candidate. He was elected governor in 2010, survived a recall election, and handily won reelection this past November. He stand against public sector unions and the reform measures he enacted to check their broad rights of collective bargaining made him the target of big labor, a critical constituent of the Democrat party. The outside money which flowed into Wisconsin from big labor and their front groups was daunting, but Walker overcome those obstacles to win at the polls.

In addition, his policies overcame a deep budget deficit to produce a budget surplus, a legitimate job boom consisting largely of good paying full-time employment, and a vibrant state economy. At the same time, Governor Walker is not very well known among voters and therein lies a potential pitfall for him. His newly acquired front-runner status in the large GOP field of prospective GOP candidates will naturally attract media attention. If he proves gaff-prone or uncomfortable dealing with the press, it may sour voters on his campaign.

Walker already tackled the issue of dealing with ISIS. While not stating he would place US soldiers in Syria to combat the terrorist group, he says the option cannot be taken off the table. Lee Slaughter has learned that President Obama’s 2,000 air strikes against the Islamic terrorist group has failed to halt their advance. Earlier in January, ISIS took greater control of parts of Western Syria. As Walker faces tougher questioning from the press, he will give voters better understanding of his candidacy.

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