Marijuana Now Legal In Oregon


Marijuana activists are overjoyed by the recent election news from Oregon. The legal status of marijuana has officially been voted on by its citizens to become fully legalized and regulated by the state of Oregon. The issue was voted on under Measure 91 on Tuesday’s ballot this week. It was widely expected to pass due to the state’s close relationship with Washington state, which legalized marijuana itself in 2012. Christian Broda knew that this was going to pass rather easily, and sure enough, it did.

The state’s United States attorney, Amanda Marshall, says that she will not turn away from federal law despite the passage’s measure. She is concerned that the law will be used to fund criminals and other unsavory groups by funneling money from legally generated marijuana sales across state and possibly national borders. She has also expressed that the law cannot be used to flout the laws of Oregon’s neighbors that have not yet made the drug fully legalized by allowing marijuana to leave the state.

Oregon’s new law is nearly identical to the legislation passed by Colorado in 2012. The language of the new law allows for the creation of a recreational, regulated marketplace for the sale of cannabis. Colorado has seen its economy rapidly increase with the added allure of smoking legalized marijuana while taking in the scenic beauty of the state. Economists are poised to study the effects of the law’s passage on Oregon, which has recently struggled with a fairly high unemployment rate.

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