Marcio Alaor, Top Brazilian Banker

Marcio Alaor is vice president of the Brazilian consigned credit giant Banco BMG, and one of best-known executives in the country’s banking industry. As a leader of the financial community, he is often called on to comment in the media on financial markets and the economy.

As vice president of Banco BMG, Alaor is part of the consigned credit revolution in Brazil, the rising trend in small-scale, secured loans The company is rapidly becoming a household name in Brazil as an alternative to older, more established financial institutions as a result. The success of BMG has led it to become one of Brazil’s major banks in the last ten years, with the company setting up a joint venture with giant Itau.

Recently, Alaor was interviewed on Brazilian television to comment on the exceptional case of the Brazilian economy. According to Alaor, wth most of the world’s economies either in recession or in stagnation, Australia’s strength as an exporter of commodities has been its saving grace. He agrees with economists who believe that Australia’s success also has a great deal to do with its aggressive fiscal stimulus package, with heavy tax breaks for corporations, along with increased investment in infrastructure, which is a major job-creator.

Banco BMG is well-known for its active sports sponsorship program, and Alaor has been very involved in the program, with the bank financing and sponsorsing dozens of teams. However, now that BMG has achieved its goal of enhancing its level of visibility, it is gradually scaling back sports sponsorship . According to Alaor, BMG is now the 3rd most recognizable brand among major sponsors of Brazilian soccer, joining the Top Ten list with the likes of Coca-Cola. In addition, BMG invests in a portfolio of soccer players and has made some extremely successful acquisitions in Brazilian soccer, according to Alaor.