Mann Supports the NYPD


It is not often that police officers and police departments are offered praise and gratitude. Each week there seems to be a new take the police that is publicized. Native New Yorkers, Keith Mann and his wife support the police department and their efforts to keep the cities and towns safe. Mr. Mann’s uncle was a Detective on Staten Island. Because of Mr. Mann’s previous philanthropist work, he wanted to help the New York Police Department. He wanted to show the law enforcement officers that the citizens of New York supported and appreciated their efforts at keeping them safe.

During police protests, Mr. Mann and his wife decided to have lunch delivered to the 54th Street precinct in New York in January 2015. They hoped to boost morale among the officers and show encouragement. To maintain their appreciation, the Mann’s sent lunch again to the 54th Precinct in February 2015. Mr. Mann recognizes that under their police uniform, law enforcement officers are just like us. Police officers have families and bills, and need support and appreciation. Mr. Mann advocates for other citizens to help and support the police efforts instead of raising aggression and standing in the way of justice and order. This small gesture of having lunches delivered to the precinct provided a morale boost to the police department and exhibited citizen support for the efforts of police.

Keith Mann is no stranger to helping and supporting others. His work in philanthropy has raised thousands of dollars for charities and form multiple organizes to help others. Mr. Mann and the Dynamic Search Partners donated $8,000 to Hopes and Heroes which is an organization that helps children with cancer. Mr. Mann also helped partner with Uncommon Schools. This is an organization that helps low income students achieve educational success. Dynamic Search Partners donated $10,000 to Uncommon Schools previously. Mr. Mann continues to help others through these organizations. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners which help companies with executive searches and investments.

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