Lessons from Fabletics on Crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing has become the new useful item in the marketing world. Anchored on the digital platforms, crowdsourcing relies on reviews from consumers to enhance the sale of their products. However, success is only achieved by doing it the right way. Many entities have tried a hand in the power of the crowd to improve their market share as well as revenue. Most of them have however recorded minimal or even insignificant changes.

Fabletics is one of the brands that have seen remarkable improvements in revenue owing to the practical use of the power of the crowd. This strategy relies on honest reviews from consumers. The reviews have also helped the brand improve its policies and product offerings further enhancing their revenue.

Also, the strategy has enhanced the ranking of the brand on online search platforms. This has improved sales as consumers researching clothing will find Fabletics are among the best options in the market. Crowdsourcing as a strategy and tool incorporates the reviews in the overall marketing approach leads to an enhanced customer service that attracts loyalty and repeats customers for better returns. So what are some of the things Fabletics have done differently to be successful in crowdsourcing?

One is to understand the importance of online data in the whole marketing process. Most consumers have taken their search for preferred items online. The information helps you understand what products the customers are looking for and any other unique factors they consider when purchasing. First, this helps you improve your products based on the information on the different tastes and preferences of consumers. Also, you will know what kind of goods to stock in certain areas.

Another important lesson is to focus on your target consumers’ cultures and the environment. Having built your capacity to acquire and synthesize data should feed into your focus on venturing into new territories. Fabletics has been able to balance consumer education, experiences, and lifestyles. In fact, they have gained an understanding its customers as well as the potential consumers through its lifestyle quiz to help them pick appropriate gears.

Lastly, the brand has built on the reputation of Kate Hudson to improve its market share and penetration to new territories. The renowned actress had vigorously sold Fabletics to territories that it only imagined when it was established. She has combined her natural marketing abilities with the proper use of the internet to reach a large number of consumers. It has allowed the brand to offer a perfect experience both online and offline in the stores.