Largest Bank Hack Ever: 76 Million JP Morgan Customers Compromised


JP Morgan has officially stated that information on over 80 million accounts was stolen from their databases in what is being called the largest bank hack in recorded history.

Sometime this past summer, hackers infiltrated and compromised 7 of the top 15 banks in America. The malware not only stole an unprecedented amount of sensitive information, but even managed to get deep enough into some banks for the hackers to manipulate and even delete sensitive logs and records.

This Thursday, JP Morgan Chase reported that these hackers were able to steal contact information on accounts for over 76 million households and over 7 million small businesses. The compromised information includes names, physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, as well as “internal JP Morgan Chase information relating to such users.”

This being said, customers’ actual account information is apparently safe. The bank’s representatives say that no information was stolen that could lead to identity theft, such as dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, or account/ID numbers. They have also stated that they have not found “any unusual customer fraud related to this incident,” and that “the Firm continues to vigilantly monitor the situation and is continuing to investigate the matter.” However, the hackers could still make a fortune by selling the compromised information to spammers and the like. JP Morgan customers should be wary of any suspicious emails or phone calls.

The culprits behind the attack are currently unknown. Some investigators have pointed fingers to hackers in Russia and Eastern Europe, but all evidence so far is entirely circumstantial at best. JP Morgan and the FBI is still intently investigating the matter.

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