Krugman Says Those Who Blamed Obama For Economic Ills Now Look Like Fools



It would be rather foolish to blame the President all the time when something bad happens in the economy. It is believed that Presidents get too much blame and too much credit for what goes on in the economy. That being said, there was plenty of blame being thrown at President Obama during the worst of the economic situation. Now, there is hardly a word of praise for the President as the economy ticks along quite nicely.

According to reporting fromĀ, Paul Krugman has stated that those who blamed the President for the economic troubles now look like fools. The programs that they were attacking are the very same programs that have now brought us out of the worst recession in a generation. Not everything is perfect, but who would be able to achieve that high of a standard anyway?

BRL Trust knows the President has done what he can with limited resources to get his agenda approved. The programs that he has backed from the beginning are starting to pan out the way that they were supposed to. There are now a lot of people who are starting to back up what they were saying in the past. They have had to eat their own words.

Krugman has long been a supporter of the President and an economist at that. It is something that makes Krugman look pretty good at the moment. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if his opponents give him any credit at this time.

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