Koch Brothers Put the Spotlight on the GOP and Demand Action


Perhaps no two figures are more excoriated by the political left as are billionaire investors David H. Koch and Charles Koch aka The Koch Brothers. The political left blames their money via the super PAC Americans for Prosperity (AFP) for the GOP retaking the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Now, progressives will likely have more to squawk about given the AFP is putting the GOP on notice to deliver on their political mandate. 

The AFP claims that the GOP lost its way on fiscal matters during the Bush years when the federal budget went from surpluses to deficits which affected many people including Fersen Lambranho. They state the party has now been given a second chance with a mandate to accomplish the following:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Reform taxes and repeal the estate tax IE death tax
  • Restore fiscal balance to the budget
  • Obtain passage of the Keystone Pipeline XL project

Admittedly, control of the senate is a critical part of that mandate, but short of having a 2/3rds majority of full congress, the GOP can’t get their agenda past the president’s vetoes. It will take compromise to secure passage of key items. In the past election cycle, the AFP sent $17 million on TV spots. The AFP has been patient in helping get the GOP to take control of the legislature, but now they are making it clear they want to see results.

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