Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Deputy to the National Assembly, Guárico State


Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a successful businessman, agriculturalist and politician. He was elected to serve as the deputy for the national Assembly in Guarico state in the year 2010. Prior to that, he acted as the president of National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDENAGA). He was also the president of Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS),for two years, from the year 2007 to the year 2009. At FEDECAMARAS, he was in charge of all the fourteen chambers of this organization. He is currently a candidate for Governor of in his state.

Gonzalez, being deputy of the assembly, is actively involved in the politics of Venezuela. He is one of the pessimists who thinks that something could still be done to change the economic state of the nation. He condemns leaders who do nothing but earn a salary watching the state of their economy deteriorate.

According to Gonzalez, Venezuela has enough resources, which if well tapped could improve the living standards of its citizens and bring numerous wealth to the nation. He feels sorry for citizens electing “messiahs” who do the minimum to represent and empower them.

Gonzalez is positive that is the government was to change some policies, particularly for the agricultural sector, the nation would be in a position to fend itself. He suggests that the government starts encouraging farming in various regions by offering competitive prices for agricultural products. This would definitely encourage people to take farming serious, even consider it as a full time job. Therefore, increasing food supply. Also, he is hopeful that this would stop the few farmers that are active from smuggling their produce to the neighboring states where they get better cash for their hard work.

In many occasions, Jose Manuel Gonzalez criticizes the government for having to import fuel when they have enough reserves of the same. If the money used in importing oil would be invested at mining the fuel in Venezuela, there would definitely be more money for the government to spend on its people.