JetBlue Innovations by Marcio Alaor – BMG Executive

The executive of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor reports that, according to the businessman David Neeleman, the choice of the word “blue” was for him to inspire positive feelings and refer to heaven. The winner of the campaign received lifetime passes on what came to be called Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras.

The well-being and customer satisfaction has always been a priority of David Neeleman, current CEO of Blue, insists Marcio Alaor. An unusual feature among the airlines is the call center that interfaces between the customer and the company, which in the Neeleman company, unlike the majority of other air carriers, it is not outsourced at all. About four reports per day are sent by the business, says the executive of Banco BMG. The Blue also created, for passengers who were on flights up to an hour late, a credit of 50 reais to be used in the next trip with the company.

Currently, The Blue is the third largest airline in Brazil. According to the company, it is “the largest route network” of Brazil, with more than 100 destinations, and with 864 takeoffs per day. The figures represent a total of about 32% of the market, says the executive of Banco BMG.

However, Marcio Alaor draws attention to the difficulties that the company is facing in relation to the economic situation in which it is dealing with Brazil and the devaluation against the US dollar. The current situation of the Brazilian economy increases costs of the airline industry companies, in the context of passenger decline, says the executive of Banco BMG. According to information sent by the Blue to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the company, by June, a net loss of 236 million reais because of the worsening of 25.8% of the cost of services, states the executive of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor.


David Neeleman has always been popular among the crew of their companies and often, he solved the problems with passengers, says Marcio Alaor. At the time, he was president of JetBlue, flying with the company once a week, at the very least. Neeleman has always been directly involved with their companies, and he frequented the corridors of many airports, in search of suggestions from passengers.

The creative entrepreneur in the airline industry is responsible for preparing the e-ticket, which reduced operating costs and reduced bureaucracy at the time of boarding, making life easier for travelers, says the executive of Banco BMG. Marcio Alaor also recalls that it was Neeleman who created the Live TV. On JetBlue and Azul, David Neeleman enabled, even for a low-cost carrier, each seat on the aircraft to have access to live television. In addition, the aircraft offered pay-per-view movies, satellite radio channels and Wi-Fi system.

The executive of Banco BMG, Alaor Marcio, highlights that despite the hard work during the week, and the intense life of a successful businessman, David Neeleman does not forget to keep going on days off. He attends church on Sunday, he is the father of nine children, and lives with his family in Connecticut, in the United States.