Honey Birdette Joins Australia’s Discussion About Marriage Equality


The right to marriage equality polls in Australia have shown to be backed by the public in overwhelming numbers, despite this, a public vote will soon take place to determine the future of the issue in the nation. Australian retailer, Honey Birdette has become involved in the public discussion on marriage equality by organizing a flash mob in Melbourne’s Central Business District featuring models and employees wearing the luxury lingerie the brand has become internationally recognized for.

Honey Birdette has recently been looking to make more of an impact on the public by raising awareness about a number of prominent social issues, ranging from marriage equality to the popular “free the nipple” campaign begun through social media. The “free the nipple” campaign is an area Honey Birdette has been involved with for a long period of time, including an August 2017 poster campaign that drew attention to the Rundle Mall, Adelaide store; among the signs and posters used during the Melbourne based flash mob were those bearing the “#freethenipple” hashtag which has become a popular campaign slogan for those backing the campaign.

Although the “free the nipple” campaign was mentioned the vocal support provided by Honey Birdette’s Eloise Monaghan left little doubt in the mind the flash mob was designed to promote the idea of marriage equality. Eloise Monaghan explained the issue not only affects a number of customers of the brand but also the employees who have been fighting for acceptance for many years; the founder of the brand admitted Honey Birdette can divide opinion but the aim of sparking public debate about marriage equality had definitely been achieved.