Home Cleaning Convenience and Handy


Handy is a new home cleaning service company. The startup was founded back in the summer of 2012. Handy’s website enables users to find skilled people to clean their homes. That’s not all Handy’s site does, however. It also enables people to provide cleaners with payment. It even enables them to rate how good or how poor they believe their work was. Handy has received mentions from a number of prominent media outlets and publications. Examples of these are TechCrunch, CNBC, The New York Times and Bloomberg.

People who want to use Handy’s cleaning service first have to specify the exact date they need professional cleaning assistance. They also have to specify the exact time of day. Handy will then respond by verifying the appointment and accepting secure electronic payment. Handy users can view booking management devices by downloading and using the app. It’s a simple as that. Handy’s goal is to make it simple for people to hire professional cleaners who are seasoned and dependable. When these cleaners arrive at homes to clean them, they have all of the cleaning supplies and cleaning formulas they need.

People don’t have to worry when they hire professional cleaning service via Handy. The independent workers they used have all been carefully pre-screened.

Although home cleaning is a big focus at Handy, it’s far from the sole focus. People who are looking to hire a handyman can also turn to Handy for assistance. Thousands of people rely on Handy on a weekly basis to find qualified home cleaners, handymen and so much more. Many people appreciate the convenience Handy offers them. They appreciate the fact that arranging for professional assistance generally takes roughly 60 seconds or so. The secure payment also provides users with peace of mind. Handy even offers its customers guarantees of their money back if they’re not completely happy with the services they’ve received.

The company’s two founders are CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Oisin Hanrahan and COO (Chief Operating Officer) Umang Dua. Both founders have started their own companies before. Hanrahan started a software services firm known as MiCandidate. Dua, on the other hand, started College Connect. College Connect gave young people in India who were thinking about attending college the opportunity to reach out to students who already were enrolled.

Handy has customers located in many major cities all over, from Toronto and Chicago to Los Angeles and beyond.