Hillary Lends an Ear


Hillary Rodham Clinton is on her way to becoming the next President of the United States. At least, that’s what her hopes and dreams are. Clinton is one of the three Democratic candidates running for the Presidency. Since her debut for the 2016 race, Clinton has mandated that her main goal would be speaking for and representing the American people. In order to do so, she has laid out a well devised plan to sit and discuss many of the problems plaguing Americans.

The candidate recently went to the state of New Hampshire to visit with the citizens of the city of Keene. The members of the community that Hillary met with were quite eager to share their thoughts and opinions. Press of Atlantic City report their biggest concern involved the state and federal look on substance abuse and addiction. Many of the members told Hillary that it’s impossible for you to go into a building at Keene and not meet and addict, a former addict, or someone who has been affected by a friend or loved one struggling with substance abuse.

While substance abuse and addiction is nothing new to the country, the citizens wanted to open up the world view on how the diseases are treated. As of lately, many people struggling with substance abuse or addictions are mainly in and out of jail. There is no cure for these people once they are behind bars. The citizens want Hillary to make revitalizing how the country deals with these issues one of her top priorities. They even touched on getting addiction labeled as a mental illness so that people can get the help that they so desperately need.

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