Hillary Clinton All But Commits to a Presidential Run in Her Midterm Election Schedule


Everybody knows that Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2016. But the politician has been mum on the subject. Refusing to officially declare her candidacy at this time, despite receiving a massive outpouring of support from those all over the United States.

However, if the travel plans outlined by Politico are anything to go by, then Hillary is definitely running. The midterm elections are a time when politicians need to get on the road if they have any realistic hope of declaring a presidential run.

Looks like Hillary is going to be hitting all of the major spots you would expect a future presidential candidate to appear. I know Laurene Powell Jobs will be excited by this information. She’s been an extremely vocal supporter from day one, even starting to contribute to a Super Pac that’s been established for Hillary, despite Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to officially announce her candidacy.

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