Helane Morrison – An Example of Integrity


In today’s modern business and finance world, it’s near impossible to find an industry leader with integrity and character. The finance industry consistently has a reputation for shady practices and it’s hard to find someone who can serve as a role model. Thankfully, there are a select few individuals who have the moral character that it takes to take a stance against unethical and corrupt practices. For me, the role model that comes to mind is Helane Morrison.

Throughout her life Helane Morrison has constantly let her integrity and morals guide her business decisions. Helane, a major player in the financial compliance field, began her career working as a law clerk for the 7th Circuit for the US Court of Appeals. It was here that she began to learn about all of the major financial issues that surrounded her. After a successful few years gathering experience and forming her leadership skills, Helane began to work for Supreme Court Justice Harry A Blackmun. Helane learned various important lessons from Justice Blackmun and was particularly impressed with his desire for justice and equity for all. This passion for equity and justice would be play a major role in Helane’s future endeavors.

Helane’s early career equipped her with the experience and tools that she would need to go on to make her mark on the world. She soon was offered a job with the Securities and Exchange Commission where her new passion was found. Helane wanted to help make sure that there was equality in the workplace. She then began to work with Hall Capital, which is an impressively successful investment advisory firm. At Hall Capital, Helane has tirelessly worked to ensure that all of the investments made are done so ethically and that there is a culture of inclusion among workplace staff.

For me, Helane Morrison is a great example of someone who uses their character to guide their decision making. Having someone as ethical as Helane working in the finance industry gives me hope that there are individuals out there that strive to do the right thing, even when it’s not the popular thing to do. Helane’s leadership and talent has allowed for her to make a significant impression on the finance world. I’m grateful for role models like Helane that do not make decisions based on what is popular or what will lead them to wealth.