Health Care Recruitment and Counseling – A Back Brace for Medical Institutions


The health care profession is an expansive field that continues to increase and grow every day. Health care providers take and oath to promise to offer the best medical attention, advice and care that they can to their patients who possess a wide range of medical concerns. Pennsylvania is home to one of these professionals, the respected chiropractor and President of H.C.R.C. staffing, Dr. Brian Torchin.

With his background as a physician in the chiropractic field, physical therapy and sports medicine, Dr. Torchin has the experience and knowledge needed to treat his clients and/or patients with professionalism and respect in a welcoming atmosphere. Serving as the President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC; a health care staffing firm that helps other medical facilities and offices find reliable employees and staff, he has demonstrated dedication to his work in the health care industry. His bio shows that H.C.R.C. continues to assist by routinely training the staff that they recruit in order to enhance the environment of the office and making management more congenial for their clients. Dr. Torchin has shown strong determination while improving the lives of the people around him and with the desire to help others, Brian has proven to be a great asset to the medical field.

Dr. Torchin is also a published writer who has written many articles on a multitude of medical subjects. The information that he blogs on the Health Care Recruitment Counselors website helps his readers understand H.C.R.C. and provides information about new and improved ways of hiring and employing other staff members such as nurses, medical and physician assistants alike. He also informs them on how careful traditional medical practices need to be so that these facilities may run more efficiently and productively. In this manner all of the patients and staff feel more welcome and at home. Dr. Torchin’s philosophy has resulted in increased client satisfaction and has enhanced the treatment which they receive.

The field of medicine has always had its share of physicians and specialists who go above and beyond the call of duty. Through expertise and experience, as well as strong commitment and passion for his work, Brian Torchin is exemplary in his field.