Governor Chris Christie Has Expense Taste And Jersey Taxpayers Are Paying The Bill


It’s bad enough that Governor Chris Christie lost millions of dollars for the state of New Jersey when he settled a lawsuit for millions instead of billions. The George Washington lane closing debacle was another Christie screw-up, but he passed the blame on to a high school friend. A state judge ruled that Christie went too far when he cut pension funds for public workers. Now the governor’s expenses are being questioned based on the findings of the monitoring group New Jersey Watchdog. It seems Christie spent $300,000 on drinks, food and a general good time.

Christie’s annual expense account is $95,000, and he’s paid $175,000 for being governor. The Watchdog group also said Christie is still hiding travel expenses that could total another $800,000. The state of New Jersey may be the home of some savory characters, but none of them are a match for the governor.

Ricardo Tosto suggests that Christie has been out of control for years, and it appears he will have to come clean if the New Jersey Watchdog has anything to say about it. But Christie is a master manipulator, so bringing him to justice may not be easy. But it will happen in one way or another. The Jersey people will make sure of that.

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