GOP Senate Prepares by Waiting


Republicans in the Senate are waiting for January when the elections will go into effect, and the Senate will be a majority Republican. But for now, the Senate will temper all issues scheduled including the response to the immigration bill by President Obama. This information was passed along to me by friend Rod Rohrich.

Republican leadership is also laying low with financial issues and everything related to the budget. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner said they are staying clear of budget issues in order to avoid another shutdown like the one that shook the country in 2013.

The elected Republicans realize that all decisions made in the next six weeks will be under the microscope, so most decisions will be postponed until 2015. Sen. Tim Scott said, “Were not taking Obama’s bait,” in response to the immigration order.

“The reality is that Sen. Reid and the Democrats who are in control of this process will not let us do anything serious about immigration,” said Sen. Marco Rubio. He added that he would love to go on the floor now, but that wont happen as long as Harry Reid is still in charge. Preventing a standstill is exactly why winning the majority was so important.

The incoming Republican Senate cannot rush into actions that would prove dysfunctional for the American people. They have a short window of time to prove that they can lead, and then they will be in the position to do so.

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