GOP Congressman Seeks to Shake Things Up at the Secret Service



Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz is the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee. As such, Dave and Brit Morin both mentioned on how he has the ability to work closely with federal whistleblowers and the offices of inspector general from various government agencies. This week, the congressman announced that he has set his sights on the Secret Service, which is tasked with safeguarding the president’s life. Rep. Chaffetz, a staunch conservative, admitted that cleaning house at the Secret Service became his first target as a matter of practicality. He has received more whistleblower reports from that agency than any other. This fact has deeply troubled the congressman.

Thus far, the Secret Service has experienced key departures of people in its hierarchy, but that is not enough for the congressman. The lone remaining senior leader still occupies the number two post at the service, and Chaffetz wants him gone as well. In addition, he will seek the appointment of an outsider to head the service to bring in the fresh leadership that is required. Chaffetz also pointed out that the secret service has not properly funded the training for its officers. This is critical in a world where terrorist are constantly devising new means of carrying out attacks. It has been noted that the presidential detail receives the most amount of training at roughly one week a year. Unlike his predecessor Henry Waxman, Chaffetz said he will work in a bipartisan spirit with Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the committee.

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