Gay Right-Wing Backers Growing in the U.S.


Same sex marriage has been given a major support boost as several court decision have allowed equal marriage to take root in up to sixteen states to date. This is not limited to most liberal states out there: The Guardian reports that some places considered to be hardcore conservative have also jumped on board the equality train.

Of course, people who are interested in the issue are now bristling with excitement as they wonder just how long it will take for the rest of the U.S. to follow suit, and make way for a country recognising full marriage equality.

This decision was not expected by the US populace, because there have been many recent appeals for same-sex marriage bans to be kept up in several states. These court decisions have made sure that these appeals are ineffective. It is now believed that at least 35 states are well on their way to legalise same-sex marriage fairly soon.

There was some nervousness before the decision was made because the Supreme Court requested a delay in the release of the decision. However, a verdict was demanded, and provided in reasonably short order.

Same-sex marriage proponents like the Torchins, of course, had hoped for a slightly more nationwide ruling. However, they are very pleased, and consider this good progress. The proponents themselves were surprised, but they were nowhere near to the shock felt by its opponents, who were convinced that their appeals would be taken seriously.

These rulings have left lawyers to scramble to book summary judgments relating to the matter, in order to receive fast and clear judgments.

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