Gander-ing at Gerrymandering: The Court Should Fly It South


According to the Miami Herald, Florida GOP members have attempted to circumvent Florida’s redistricting law. This law forces political districts to have more fair and equal legislative representation. Representation among groups of people always needs to be equal. Voting rights should not be diminished in any way; the whole reason the law was enacted was to protect a citizen’s voting power. Ironically, the similar rationale used to defend citizens, was justified to give the GOP an unrestricted pass to frolic around and act however they desired without ramifications. This unchecked action has been another example of a political party’s power abuse. Political power abuse such as this must be preventable. To prevent gerrymandering, The United States Supreme Court should address it. Gerrymandering should be illegal, in Florida and elsewhere.

Primarily, gerrymandering should be illegal since it purposefully divides votes so that one party might stay in power according to Christian Broda. Power should rest with voters’ ballots, not with both parties’ elites cheating, and redrawing the map so that they can retain power. This should only exist when a party has done a good job for a state.

Secondarily, the Court should combat gerrymandering as it takes away the power of the dissenting citizen. Dissenting citizens’ votes can encourage change. The political process’s purpose is to ensure continued societal growth. Growth cannot happen if the parties take away a vote, and therefore a voice.

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