Fmr. Congressman Barney Frank Tacitly Admits Netanyahu Victory a Defeat for Obama


Former congressman Barney Frank addressed the Huffington Post following the historic come from behind victory of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night. Jason Halpern the Israeli election was being closely watched given that Netanyahu’s Likud party trailed in polls conducted in the waning days of the election. The opposition party favors a two-state solution with Palestinians and was amenable to President Obama’s ongoing talks with Iran. The Likud party is the polar opposite. The party has taken the pragmatic approach that Palestinians must eschew terrorism before any talks can be conducted at statehood. Also, the Likud party favors increased sanctions against Iran as opposed to the Obama negotiations which they view as a pathway to nuclear proliferation for state sponsor of terrorism.

In fact, the acrimony between Obama and Netanyahu is greater than what was had between President Clinton and Netanyahu in the late 1990s. Congressman Frank gave his opinion on the Likud party’s victory and claimed Netanyahu and his allies in the GOP congress merely want war with Iran. It was as much as a tacit admission that a Netanyahu victory was a defeat for Obama’s Iranian foreign policy. While it is still possible for Obama to carve out a deal with Iran, it will be much harder given that Israel remains deeply opposed to the plan. David Axelrod, Obama’s former political strategist, lamented the effectiveness of Netanyahu’s last minute negative campaign against the opposition party.

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