Fersen Lambranho GP Investments Co-leader Expands Asset Management Portfolio


Brazilian entrepreneur and expert engineer Fersen Lambranho serve the Latin American financial firm GP Investments. He currently boasts a graduate-level civil engineering degree from UFRJ (Universidade-Federal-do-Rio-de-Janeiro). Following this achievement, he studied business administration at COPPEAD-UFRJ (Instituto-de-Pós-Graduação-e-Pesquisa-em-Administração) where he received an MSC (Master-of-Science) degree. He also participated in an Owner-President-Management program at HBS (Harvard-Business-School). In 1998, Lambranho started working at GP Investments of which he’s a board chairman and partner. Prior to assuming the above-mentioned roles, he held a managing director position in 1999.

Lambranho joined partner Antonio Bonchristiano and acquired GP Investments in 2004. This was merely four years after he assumed the role of managing director. The pair’s effort was definitely a fruitful collaboration resulting in GP Investments success and global recognition. It raised private-equity funds of an enormous size and attracted foreign and local investors to explore the wealth of opportunities the Brazilian market offers. Together, Bonchristiano and Lambranho sought expansion for GP Investments which resulted in them offer opportunities such as infrastructure, real estate, etc. As GP Investments co-leaders the pair concentrated on different aspects of the business. Bonchristiano chief duties involve establishing foreign relations to increase fundraising efforts. Lambranho primary focus is to find investment opportunities in the firm’s interest.

Fersen Lambranho

Asset management specialist Lambranho chairs on the board of top-level financial groups Magnesita S.A., BHG, GP Advisors, LBR, BRZ Investimentos, GP Investments and Centauro. GP Investments has a primary concentration on private-equity funds. Lambranho has served prominent companies such as Lojas Americanas as a CEO from 1998-2003 (12 years). He’s held key positions at nonprofits such as (Fundação-Bienal-de-São-Paulo-e-COPPEAD-UFRJ) where he served as a board member. Some other organizations he’s worked with include Tele-Norte-Leste-Participacoes, Estacio, BRMalls, São-Carlos-Empreendimentos-e-Participações, Allis, Americanas.com, San Antonio, Farmasa, Playcenter, BR Properties and Shoptime. As a former board chairman of ABC Supermercados, Oi, Gafisa and Contax, Lambranho is an asset to GP Investments.

Fersen Lambranho

Lambranho and his wife Paloma co-founded Patronos-da-Pinacoteca-do-Estado-de-São-Paulo, a sophisticated art museum dedicated to everyone. Her husband also served the PIPA (Prêmio-IP-Capital-Partners-de-Arte) committee in 2014.

Fersen Lambranho

He’s a renowned mentor to Endeavor entrepreneurs worldwide. The organization has a presence in over 20 different countries and Lambranho has spoken to hopeful entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry. Last November, he attended the annual Endeavor Brasil-CEO-Summit seminar where he spoke about healthy investee and investor relationships. Millions look to him for professional advice and mentorship in hopes of nursing a successful career in entrepreneurial wealth management.

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