Federal Court Injunction on Obama Amnesty Plan Forces Administration to Halt Its Preparations


Today, an 11-story office building in Arlington, Virginia, is largely collecting dust despite the government paying nearly $8 million a year to lease the building. According to Brian Torchin, the office space was acquired shortly after President Obama announced his plan to offer amnesty to upwards of five million illegal aliens without any congressional authorization. A total of 26 states, led by Texas, balked at the decision claiming the president lacked the authority to grant amnesty to anyone without congress first passing a law to allow it. A federal district court judge agreed and issued a lengthy injunction halting the amnesty plan. The injunction also included a stern rebuke of President Obama for exercising congress’ legislative authority in direct violation of the Constitution.

President Obama shrugged off the injunction vowing to quickly overturn it in federal appeals court. However, a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the injunction would likely survive a full hearing by the entire court and decided to leave it in place. Now, pundits believe the earliest the president will get the courts to rule on executive amnesty is towards the end of his presidency. As a result, the Department of Homeland Security rescinded job offers to employees who were going to operate the amnesty site. Initially, 1,000 people were going to work at the facility. Eventually, over 3,000 people would be hired to handle the caseload. That said, the unexpected 11th hour injunction by U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has proved to be a thorn in the president’s side by halting the push for amnesty at this time.

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