Ex-Big Pharma Rep Comes Clean About the Industry


To say there is a lot of money in the pharmaceutical industry may be one of the biggest understatements of our age. With billions of dollars on the line, pharmaceutical reps are encouraged to push drugs that are billed as helping with a plethora of medical and psychiatric conditions. One of these sales people has come forward to say that they have been misinforming people to get them to take their drugs. There are also accusations of doctors and psychiatrists prescribing drugs for conditions that may not warrant them. One alarming fact is that 50 percent of the side effects of some drugs are still not known at the time they are approved by the FDA and released for use by the general public.

Given the relationship between big pharma and the medical profession, it should come as no surprise that some doctors act, in essence, as legal drug pushers stated pinterest. Doctors and psychiatrists regularly receive benefits from drug companies and their reps for pushing their company’s pharmaceuticals. This has become such a problem that there is actually a website now where people can see if their doctor takes money from this industry. The more they take, the more inclined you should be to steer clear of them. They will be less inclined to ‘fix’ what’s wrong with you and simply ‘medicate’ it, so they can boost drug sales.

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