Euthanasia Soon Legal in the UK


Euthanasia has recently been in the attention of mass media a lot due to the case of Brittany Maynard, cancer patient who chose to be euthanasiated on November 1st, 2014. The case has been debated on the internet, with people taking very different attitudes in that case.

Some say that euthanasia violates the dignity of life, and should not be allowed in any case. Others say that euthanasia is vitally important to allow for terminal patients to die without pain, and Andrew Heiberger counts himself among them.

The UK is now reviewing the laws and planning on making the assisted death legal within two years. Another social problem arises now. A lot of ill patients are too weak and prone to pressure from family members, thus some of them could be pushed towards taking this step unwillingly.

However, the British Medical Association considers the reform inevitable. Security measures will be taken to avoid assigning the procedure when unnecessary. Requirements as terminal degree of illness, mental capability to take decisions, having less than half a year left to live will apply.

The House of Lords all voted for it last Friday, November 7th. Currently, eventual UK citizens who are interested in assisted death need to travel to Switzerland, but the majority do not have the money to take such a long trip. The average person welcome the reform regarding euthanasia, and say that ‘dying with dignity’ is the correct term for it.

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