Eucatex – Pioneering Eucalyptus Products


The Eucatex Group has a long and storied history of producing quality linings and insulation materials from eucalyptus wood fibers in a unique process which takes advantage of the natural resources in the company’s home country of Brazil. The president of the company is Flavio Maluf who combined his unique upbringing as the son of a politician and his education as a mechanical engineer in order to excel at bringing to market novel products which consumers desire and demand.

LinkedIn seems to think that Eucatex primarily operates in the sectors of construction and furniture with a line of products available for niches within each of those large market shares. Flooring is a large part of their selection and this includes laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and a specialized product called Fairtex which is designed for fairs and other convention-type events where mobility is a key consideration. The laminate flooring is produced from 100% reforested material under the monicker of Eucafloor. This product has a trademarked Bacterban protection mechanism which is an antibacterial agent which assists in reducing the buildup of fungi and other destructive microbes which can limit the lifespan of traditional laminate without that protection. These are elegant flooring options which span a wide variety of wood grain designs to bring the best out in whatever interior space is outfitted with them.

Overall, the company led by Favio Maluf is in the business of keeping processes eco-friendly as they give back to the natural environment which provides the Eucalyptus plants that they find so profitable. This can be seen even on the main website where it is possible to purchase Eucalyptus seedlings so that one can begin a harvest of their own wherever they might be located. After having studied in New York, Maluf returned to his roots and has taken the company through great changes over his 27 years as CEO. Eucatex has definitely profited from his leadership and has now grown to become a company that Brazilians can be proud of as well as an example for those looking to find their own successful entrepreneurial endeavors. The modernization of Eucatex facilities has kept the company at the top of the game and in a dominate position to take on any challengers to the market which they straddle. A diversification in to the furniture market has insured that any downturns in the construction industry can be weathered by continuing to provide to furniture manufacturers a quality product from the eucalyptus plants.

The company has continued to expand from its humble roots in 1951 and its first factory in 1954. The future looks bright under the leadership of Mr. Maluf and the company should continue to provide a sizable amount of jobs and opportunity for the citizens of Brazil.