Eucatex: A Vision Of The Future Of Business



Established in 1951, Eucatex paved the way for the inventive use of eucalyptus plants as tiles and plates. Their creative breakthrough allowed for high quality and low cost acoustic ceilings. Ever since then, the story of Eucatex is a story of a skyrocketing business, one that evolves with the times.
The demand for their sturdy product allowed them to expand and grow and business boomed after Eucatex began exporting to Europe. As the company Eucatex expanded in almost every direction, they began creating their own paint for the tiles and eventually using its own raw materials to help cut down costs and improve sustainability. From its humble origins in the old Americana Sawmill Americana in São Paulo, Eucatex grew to become one of the largest paint producers in Brazil.
The President of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf, a hardworking renaissance man. Born to politician Paulo Maluf, Flavio carved out his own name by becoming a successful lawyer and mechanical engineer. However, his true strength and genius came out in his entrepreneurship victories.  In fact, he’s dedicated an awful lot of his career to helping other entrepreneur’s succeed as well.
Having great success with Eucatex and being well respected as a figurehead in the world of business, he has become an important person in Brazil. Often he is seen as a role model for time management in a world of distractions and financial advice in a turbulent economy.  That’s a big part of the reason that he has so many followers on SlideShare.  They really trust what he has to say, and what he’s got to offer.
The Future looks bright for Eucatex, they recently became the seventh largest paint supplier in Brazil and have been working on making the entire enterprise self-sufficient. From growing their own nursery for the seeds vital to the growing demand, to starting a series of products aimed at wood protection from moisture, Eucatex has been blazing the trail for Brazilian enterprise. All this, while refusing to jeopardize its integrity. Eucatex aims to make sure all of its practices are just and has received the Green Seal from the Forest Stewardship Council.