Eric Pulier the IT Expert


A business man an IT expert, an Author and the owner of over ten companies. He has amassed a lot of wealth from his businesses  personally established and others they have co-founded. Some of the companies he has founded include US interactive, Desktone, Enterprise cloud leadership council, Digital evolution etc.

Eric Pulier also works with serious startups to offer business financing in media fields and financing sectors. Some of the venture capitalists and charitable organizations he has invested in include; companies, Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures. This way, Eric Pulier has changed the lives of very many people. They have had a position to rise in their skills and leadership. The poor but with potential are now able to expand their businesses through the assistance of philanthropic people like Eric.

The alumni of Teaneck High School and a father of four has served on various boards all of which are there to enhance innovation and improving standards of his community. The Painted Turtle, being one of them, summer camp tasked for children suffering from chronic diseases, and lastly but not the least, serving in the XPRIZE Foundation. He is also a resident of Los Angeles.

Eric Pulier after leaving Teaneck High School, he proceeded to Havard University whereby he studied Arts in English and American Literature. That was in the year 1988 when Eric graduated. He also studied computer science, visual and environmental studies. He published PulierLeg and other journals.

Eric Pulier on the other hand of servant leadership served in various capacities in the Government. He successfully ran bridge to the 21st century for Al Gore and Bill Clinton when commemorating the second inauguration. Mr. Eric Pulier was featured by a majority of TV stations in the US analyzing the event. For more info  about us: click here.

Eric Pulier is a great philanthropist and has worked great in the health and the education sectors. He has been on the frontline towards ensuring that people suffering from chronic diseases are well attended to. He also uses technology to solve some problem that is likely to affect the community members. It always calls for sacrifice and endurance when handling such issues. Physically challenged children are part of his top most agenda.

He is the brain behind the first multimedia education programs. Eric’s program help teaches people with multiple sclerosis about their maladies.