Elizabeth Warren is Top Progressive Choice for 2016 Democrat Nomination


In the most recent “2016 Presidential Pulse Poll”, firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren obtained double-digit support over Hillary Clinton among progressives for the party’s nomination. Warren took in 42% support among the survey’s participants. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a socialist, won 24% with Mrs. Clinton taking in 23%. It should be noted that Warren has not given any indication that she will seek the Democrat party’s nomination for the presidency. If she were to do seek the nomination, it is believed she could mount a groundswell of support among Democrats. It has been rumored that President Obama views her as his successor.

At the same time, progressives have their misgivings about Mrs. Clinton’s close ties to Wall Street fat cats. Their concerns are warranted given the amount of money Mrs. Clinton raises from Wall Street. It is entirely reasonable her big donors will expect “quid pro quo” should she become president. Warren’s support came because of her undeniable populist appeal from major members of the movement like Ben Shaoul. Respondents also want to see a legitimate contest for the Democrat nomination as opposed to a coronation of Mrs. Clinton.

Back in 2008, Mrs. Clinton exuded entitlement in her bid for the party’s nomination. She was so confident in her ability to win the nomination that she had no ground game past the Super Tuesday primaries. When Candidate Obama emerged as a legitimate contender, she had to scramble to get organized in the remaining states against his grassroots efforts.

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