Efficient Global Expansion for FreedomPop


When FreedomPop was first established by Founder and COO Steven Sesar back in Los Angeles we are sure that they never dreamed of the sort of success that the company is enjoying. FreedomPop is a freemium mobile carrier that hooks customers up with phone plans that fit their needs, not just their wallets. For the better part of the past few years we have seen FreedomPop grow into a juggernaut in the market and now, as reported by Digital Trends, they are taking the show on the road and looking at a global expansion. Right now FreedomPop has set their sights on the busy UK market and alpha testing has already been put under way.

What FreedomPop on iTunes offers customers is pretty special when they are compared to the competition that is so prevalent in the market. FreedomPop offers a completely free phone service, with no strings attached, that caters to users who need a phone but can’t afford the bloated services launched by the ‘big names’. Users get 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data completely free and are only ever charged if they go over their base amounts or make the decision to upgrade into a premium plan. For UK customers this service could prove to be revolutionary as it is the equivalent of a basic phone plan — but completely free.

For UK subscribers there is the chance to get involved with FreedomPop in a no risk/all reward way by utilizing the alpha program. Subscribers are given the base plan completely free and then are also offered the premium plan (valued at $13 to $18) for free for an additional month. Users can take advantage of this offer via the SIM card option as FreedomPop is still working on a full hardware launch overseas. The UK is a crowded market and it is essential that this alpha program go well for their launch to become more firm.

FreedomPop has eyes set on a global expansion and so far they are taking care of business. Partnerships with Asian and Dutch carriers has given FreedomPop wings into new countries and COO Sesar is aimed at making FreedomPop work in a “global context”. Sesar went on to detail how the FreedomPop goal right now is to expand into eight new markets, surpass over a million subscribers in these new markets, and continue their evolution as a product and brand.