Dr. Chris Villanueva Is A Visionary


Dr. Chris Villanueva is currently serving as the CEO as well as the founder of MB2 Dental. He does not the believe in micromanaging. He says that once the right people have been hired, there is no need to monitor their daily activities. It is required to set vision, and keep them inspired.

Dr. Chris Villanueva is an active practitioner. He wants to promote the best of the sole-practitioner as well as corporate dentistry. Since he has experienced both sides of this equation, he has started MB2 Dental. He knows what it requires to provide vital support to the practice without compromising on the integrity of this profession.

He understands that dental practitioners require specialized assistance and he founded MB2 Dental. Today this firm is supporting dental practitioners in 70 affiliated locations that are spread across six states. This firm employs 533 persons. The leadership is looking forward to continue on the path of success.

With MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva has brought something new to this industry that focuses on much more than simply profit margins.

This firm is owned by dentists. It focuses on autonomy, and support, along with personal growth. It believes in having fun together. In this way it helps to make improvements to dental practices and benefits the patients. It provides innovations that promote higher operating standards. This leads to happier dental practitioners. This leads to healthier growth of business.

He realized on graduating from dental school that the dentists had just two options. Either they could work for a large group practice and enjoy the economies of scale, along with shared best practices. Besides, they could avail of state of the art technology, besides CE availability, and a lot more. Or else they could opt for a private practice in which they can enjoy complete clinical autonomy besides experiencing lesser bureaucracy, having complete ownership, and much more. In this way he created a model that would provide the best of both worlds. This is how MB2 Dental came about. This is a company that puts doctors, and patients, first.

Dr. Chris Villanueva likes to keep himself surrounded with smart, and creative, team members. This helps him to stay productive. This helps him to breathe life into ideas. A large amount of collaboration is required to bring something to life. Collaboration leads to a buy-in. He believes that people can get better results when they work together.