Does ISIS Have An Effective Pitch to Lure Americans to Their Cause?


Imagery of Uncle Sam recruiting citizens to his cause might no longer have the effectiveness that it once did. The youth of the nation are answering to different calls both domestic and abroad. While most of the causes can be condone in the land of the free, a few are still considered to be crimes against the state. What organization was a young man hoping to join and how does it go counter against being a United States citizen?

Return plane ticket in hand, Mohamed Hamzah Khan seemed to be just one of many people leaving O’Hare airport to go abroad. Perhaps being tipped off by naturally concerned parents, authorities stopped this gentleman from boarding a plane to Vienna and then eventually Istanbul. Upon interviews and executed search warrants, the truth came out. This young man’s intention was to join the terrorist group ISIS. This is frightening, and Khaled Shaheen assures us there are many more of these people.

Among the material recovered were detailed plans on how he was to make an illicit crossing into Syria. He had names of contacts and phone numbers. A letter left to his parents explained his actions and how that all good Muslims in conscious should now leave to join the Islamic State. Government officials charged him with a single count of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The price for this transgression could cost him up to fifteen years locked up and up to a quarter of a million dollars in fines. It is estimated that nearly one hundred people have heard this unusual recruiting call to join ISIS from the United States.

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