Doctor AviWeisfogel Makes Progress in Addressing a Serious Sleep Condition by Way of his Successful Dental Sleep Masters’ Program:


Professional healthcare institutions and Dental practitioners, everywhere, are beginning to witness the positive results of including a sleep component, within their existing practices: by way of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program.

The program comes, complete with possibly best model anywhere–in addressing a remedy–for the sleep condition of Sleep Apnea. The professional that makes use of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program is wise–indeed. The busy physician, rushing about, notices, within one of the many friendly testimonials, regarding the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, that his practice has identified, two clients, with the condition of Sleep Apnea; upon initial implementation. He is very happy that the individuals–he notes–have found the remedy, with respect to a very serious sleeping disorder.

Dr. AviWeisfogel–in way of his Dental Sleep Masters’ Program–shows the Dental Practitioner and the Physician–how to identify persons with the disorder. He, additionally, instructs professionals how to properly handle the business-end of the process.

Once installed: the healthcare provider afforded with a second stream of income. Too: Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, provides the health practitioner, with continual support. The program is very customer-centric. It wishes to assist the professional healthcare institution and practitioner, in assuring the patient’s well-being.

Dr. AviWeisfogel, has spent a good deal of his career accumulating information about Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He makes use of an oral appliance, by means of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program that allows the user to keep his air passageway open, during periods of nighttime sleep in the following: click here.

When sleep is disrupted, due to an apnea–that is, breathing is temporarily halted, the sufferer may respond by awakening–suddenly. The, effect, during the day is tremendous. The person, suffering from Sleep Apnea, may feel tired and edgy–the next day. He may have difficulty concentrating.

The condition is linked to more serious health issues such as cardio-vascular diseases. In example, some of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ clients are heart specialists. The sleep disorder is also linked to the disease of Diabetes.

Persons who are obese are at risk of developing Sleep Apnea, since their enormous girth, can cause a profound effect on their airway.

Dr. AviWeisfogel began career, as a Dental Practitioner in Old Bridge, New Jersey. This is a very inspiring and “All American,” portion of the United States with a good deal of small town character and spirit. He became interested in sleep issues, while practicing Dentistry.

Next, he involved himself, in showing Physicians and Dentists, the best way to incorporate a sleep lab and remedy into their practices. He educated these professionals, how to identify individuals, with the sleep disorder of Sleep Apnea.

He makes use of an oral device, that keeps the individual’s airway, open, during sleep.

Dr. AviWeisfogel attained B.A. Degrees in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. He attained a D.D.S. from the New York University College of Dentistry. Over the years, he has accumulated, a wealth of information, with respect to how to incorporate a sleep component, into a practice.

During his vacation time: Dr. AviWeisfogel spends it with his family and puppy. He enjoys the avocation of skiing. He is an avid sports fan. He enjoys watching the New York Rangers play hockey. Thanks to Dr. AviWeisfogel, a most serious sleep disorder, is addressed, by way of his Dental Sleep Masters’ Program–which he created.