David Kacalis to Wait Another 3 Weeks Before New Trial


Alleged Guerneville rapist David Kacalis is to wait another three weeks until further review of his case.

David Kacalis was arrested on August 31 for allegedly raping an 18-year-old woman. On September 3, a six-count complaint, which includes one punishable by life imprisonment, was laid against him. Although evidence emerged proving his innocence after he already spent 17 days in jail, prosecutors have asked for a further 3-week delay before deciding to drop charges. “At this stage, we are still reviewing the evidence to make a determination as to whether charges are appropriately filed in this case,” says detective Staebell.

Kacalis was arrested a day after a woman alleged that she had been raped. The woman, while giving her statement to a Sonoma County sheriff, said she had been raped by a masked man holding a knife at El Molino High School. Although she initially said she could not identify the man behind the mask, she later claimed to have been able to identify him as David Kacalis because of his very distinctive tattoo. He was arrested based on the tattoo description, and his driving of a vehicle that matched one seen in the school’s surveillance tapes from the night of the alleged incident.

Kacalis, in reacting to the new development outside the courtroom said, “It’s a ridiculous situation…I spent 17 days in jail for something I didn’t do.” Although he had hoped to be cleared sooner, he expressed his understanding of the need for the District Attorney’s office to thoroughly review the case.

The next hearing is scheduled for October 27 2014.

Source: The Press Democrat

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