Cosmetics, What’s Good For Your Skin, And What’s Not


We all love beauty products. We all love makeup, but you should be asking yourself are you putting the right products on your skin? As we are growing in this world, we are being more aware about the products we put on our bodies.

After mentioning that, let’s talk about amazing products we all wear almost every day, to get that sharp sexy look. I will be listing those products down below:

1. Lipstick
Yummy! That’s the first thing that ever comes up in my mind when I buy a lipstick. You might think this is stupid or insane, but I do really care how the lipstick tastes. I am sure I am not alone in this world, am I? My favorite lipstick flavor is strawberry. Let’s talk serious now, there is more to search for in a lipstick other than the flavor. You need to be very careful when you look for a good lipstick that won’t cause your lips to be dry. When buying a lipstick, please make sure “Propylparaben” is not listed in the list of the ingredients on the lipstick. If you are asking yourself why, let me tell you why; Propylparaben is a very dangerous ingredient, some studies has proven that this ingredient has many toxic effects on the body, and sometimes the main cause of CANCER.

2. Foundation
Who doesn’t like to wear foundation to have the bright as sun skin, clear skin, and very smooth? I am pretty much sure everyone DOES LIKE to wear foundation. The smell of the foundation attracts me the most when I buy a foundation, but for sure it’s not what’s important when buying a foundation. You have to be very aware that some ingredients in a foundation could be dangerous to your skin such as “BHA and BHT” it is a very dangerous chemical to add to your skin, as the ingredient mentioned in some of lipsticks, this one in foundation could cause CANCER as well.

3. Eyeliner
I love eyeliner so much, but all of girls have that problem of not being able to applying it properly, I am not the only one with this problem right? Anyways let’s get straight into this, unlike lipstick and foundation, the dangers of eyeliner is not common, not even considered to be dangers. Finally we can love a cosmetic and wear it without having any fears.

At the end if you want to get rid of your fears and buy safe cosmetics without those dangerous ingredients and feel relieved, here is my advice to you all, try “Doe Deree” cosmetics, it’s the safest in the business, and gives you the same sharp sexy look you need to get your day going every day. If you are not sure with my advice you can go ahead and search about them and their cosmetics online. Let me know what you loved the most about “Doe Deree’s” cosmetics.

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