Continuing Education



Christian Broda brings completion to the world of business. Christian Broda being a professor at Chicago leaned his way into being manager at Director at Duquesne Capital Management. Christian Broda enjoys life around him but is too one of the more business-like motivators. Christian Broda is all over the place showing his smart intellect. Earning a degree from here and there first at Chicago and then reaching over to get his P.h.d. at M.I.T he isn’t one to mess with to say he’s “one of those party guys”.

Most guys are all over the place at the clubs “having – fun” then wondering why they don’t have any money when they get Chrstian Brodas age. Christian Broada is using the time he has in this life wisely to build from what he learns, take that and complete it with something new. Taking milestones to reach where he is now Christian Broda is a good example of taking learning seriously for the better outcome while having fun.

Continuing Education

Not only does he have a degree from M.I.T but he is also head of National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and still moving up from there. There’s no one quite like Christian Broda with his motivation to keep learning. We should take lessons from Christian Broda to know that knowledge is power and with knowledge you can earn an income substantial enough to support you, your family and spoil your friends every now and then if that’s what you wanted to do.

Christian Broda brings the idea that continuing education can be beneficial in the long run. Starting from 2005 to present Christian Broda just keeps climbing that ladder of success. Continuing in this economy can be tough but Christian Broda is determined to make his successes worth the while to stay a float.

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