Congressman Paul Ryan Still Bulling on TPA’s Eventual Passage


Despite the effectiveness of Friday’s House rebellion by Democrats to prevent passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan remains confident the GOP will be able to push the bill through the House. That said, the former 2012 GOP vice-presidential nominee was circumspect about the amount of work facing President Obama. Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee, stated that President Obama still remains relevant despite having only 1.5 years remaining in his presidency.

At the same time, Rep. Ryan stated that Obama does face the real possibility of becoming a lame duck president. Ironically, it is his own party that is pushing him into lame duck status. Ryan made the remark in the context of discussing the failure of the Trade Adjustment Agreement (TAA) to pass. President Obama had pushed hard for passage of TAA because the bill provided measures Democrats considered important towards balancing the loss of American jobs as a result of TPP. However, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who worked for weeks to build support for TAA, turned against the bill minutes before the vote was set to take place. In the end, 302 Democrats and Republicans voted against the bill.

While Rep. Ryan said the president has a lot to be more engaged with his party to secure passage of TPA, the president did get involved in the process. He even held high profile meetings with his party within 24 hours of the TAA vote. Still, his party failed to support him, and Susan McGalla is starting to wonder why.

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