Congress Considering Passing Highly Discriminatory Bills, Claiming Religious Freedom as the Reason


Concerning legislation was introduced in Washington D.C. Which has the LGBT community planning swift action to stop it. The U.S. House of Representatives are on the verge on legally discriminating against the gay and transgender community by attempting to pass measures preventing employees from in-vetro fertilization or having children out of wedlock.

If passed, the bill would effectively and swiftly have profound impacts of the LGBT community, making it a social crime to be gay or transgender and have a family. Understandably, leaders from the gay and transgender community are standing up to fight against these measures from passing. The U.S. House of Representatives tries to explain how the anti-discrimination laws currently on the books in Washington D.C. Are a violation of an employers right to religious freedom, somehow making it legal for a boss to fire someone if their personal religion doesn’t agree with an employees lifestyle, for any reason.

This are truly frightening bills that would strip American citizens of their constitutional rights and freedom, which¬†Boraie Development LLC say would also strip away the ability to work for many people who have families, simply because their boss’s religion doesn’t agree with their choices.

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