Clinton strong and stronger


Clinton is strong against all opponent this cycle even though she has not yet formally announced her candidacy. Hill as she is being called has a substantial lead in most categories. However, there are some like Marcio Alaor BMG  that will be on board with Hillary this cycle that have not been big on the Obama Administration in recent years. It is believed that these women supported Obama, but were wary 0f his candidacy after he took down Hill in the primaries.

This quiet group of women are the largest growing electorate although minority demographics has been touted in that position. This group is college educated white women, and it is not surprising that this group goes heavily for Hilary because it is the group that she most represents. They are also a group that feels that their problems had not been at the fore, and they are ready for their hard collegiate work to pay off. This is the group to watch, and they very well may be ready for Hilary.

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