Clinton Releases Her Spotify Playlist


Hillary Clinton fresh off of her first major speech during the primary hunt for the Democratic Nomination has released the songs that she has on her Spotify Playlist and they listed mostly positive songs that have all been released since 1999. The announcement comes before her New York rally which is supposed to be major. Hillary was formerly a senator of New York before she became the secretary of the state after losing to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Primary.

According to Beneful, Clinton has been accused of catering her list to appeal to younger voters in order to secure their votes and to be aligned with their interests, when compared with younger candidates.

The list included fourteen songs including Happy by Pharrell Williams, Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, and Roar by Katy Perry. These songs all have positive uplifting lyrics and tones and appear to be the pace that Hillary is trying to set for her campaign.

This political move to release her 2016 Spotify playlist harkens back to a similar move that her husband Bill Clinton was making while he was running for president. Clinton played the saxophone during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno which further catapulted his way into the presidency in 1992. Hillary is hoping that her own move to appeal to the musical tastes of a generation will put her on a similar path during her bid for the US Presidency.

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