Clinton and Democrats Face Uphill Climb in 2016



Besides the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrats do have a number of viable options for President in 2016. None of them have the national name recognition that Hillary Clinton has or her overall support. Even as some have mentioned Senator Warren or even Vice President Biden the seriousness of these candidates comes to a far second behind Clinton’s choice to seek the nomination. However, even with all of this momentum to put the first female into the oval office it will still be an uphill climb for the incumbent party in 2016.

As evident in the last congressional election, the democrats have lost the initiative with voters. Citizens, like Dave Morin, no longer believing in the hope or the change that was promised by President Obama looked to new congressmen and senators to get the country moving again. Then there is the economy, even with traditional evidence showing the country on an upswing, many people have not returned to the workforce or are not being paid what they were before the great recession. Finally when they were given the chance to advance their party’s agenda, they were only able to produce one significant piece of legislation…the Affordable Care Act. Selling middle class economics will do well with many voters as they always do, but Hillary or any other democrat will have to show how they can overcome the mistakes of the past eight years.

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